$69/30 min $120/60 min $180/90 min

Biboting Medica Cupping originates from a renowned branch of traditional Chinese medicine in Taiwan, boasting a rich history, spanning 17 years of expertise.
Med cupping is acupuncture without a needle, fire cupping without fire, advanced technological vibration and warming LED light, and Chinese herbs, all in one. It breaks down the knots, and sucks the toxins out of your body to reduce pain, swelling and soreness, while at the same time putting oxygen back into your body to stimulate energy. High-frequency resonance, 7200 spiral beats per minute, beats nodules, and fibroids. Smart Cupping uses a negative, rhythmic pressure, and a rhythmic suction and release massage. Negative oxygen ions purify blood and repair cells. A warming effect warms the meridians and dispels coldness, is anti-inflammatory and sterilizes.


Experience relief from back and shoulder tension with our Back Pain Cupping Therapy! This ancient technique not only eases muscle tension but also enhances circulation, releasing blocked meridian lines and promoting better blood and energy flow. Discover the soothing benefits of cupping and say goodbye to discomfort.

Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy

$69/30 min $120/60 min $180/90 min

Experience targeted relief and rejuvenation with our specialized Lymphatic Drainage Cupping Therapy. Whether it’s your breast, neck, or abdomen, our gentle cupping techniques promote lymphatic flow, reducing swelling and enhancing detoxification. Feel refreshed and revitalized as tension melts away, leaving you with a renewed sense of well-being.