$210/60 min. $290/90 min.

Upgrade your relaxing couples massage with us. You and your loved one can enjoy your massage session in the same room. Our combination of hot stones and aromatherapy can enhance your experience. Aromatherapy massage with hot stones helps to warm muscles and quickly relieve aches and spasms, while promoting wellness through the therapeutic and energetic properties of pure essential oils. Additionally, we include a steam eye mask along with an eye tension relief treatment.


$170/60 min. $250/90 min.

Indulge in our Couples Massage experience in Clearwater, where you and your partner, friend, or family member are treated to a simultaneous session in the same room, each on your own cozy table with a dedicated therapist. Our 60 min. or 90 min. customized full-body massages are designed to melt away stress, leaving you both in a blissful state of relaxation from start to finish. Unwind together and let the soothing touch of our therapists transport you to tranquility.